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Receta: Locro a mi gusto

Esta receta

Este locro es mas o menos el que mas me gusta. La siguiente receta tiene origen en la mezcla de varias distintas y fue modificada durante varios años hasta que quedo a gusto de los comenzales mas habituales de su preparación anual.

QR Codes for my wedding invites

Being a nerd as I am, and being my future wife as nerd, we decided that we could not get married without making a web site for it, the website allows for people to confirm their assitence to the event, tells where it will be held, has maps, music rankings and a lot of goodies.

Poor man's interfaces in python

I write this post in English because I assume that anyone that is in need of using its content most likely read it, my apologies if not. Yesterday I found myself in a place I have been before, in the need of implementing interfaces pattern, my first reaction was, hey zope already has this, but then I remembered that we (the guys at Ninja-Ide </shameless plug>) did not want to add dependencies, especially not zope ones, so I tried to emulate interface behaviour, here is my first approach.

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